More about my natural Deodorant

Since I last posted…ahem, quite a bit ago…testing has continued on my natural deodorant. The results are coming back in and I’m wanting to share. This whole process of sharing and testing has really helped me to narrow down and nail down a few details. One being packaging. The other being what product I’m actually… Continue reading More about my natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

When I started making soap, I never imagined I would branch out into deodorant. It’s something I’ve considered making for personal use over the years but always got distracted before I got very far in my research or testing. However, thanks to some friendly encouragement ( thanks friend!), I finally started seriously researching it and… Continue reading Natural Deodorant

Color schemes

How do I choose colors or settle on a color scheme? I’ve been asked by more than one person, and the answer is…I let the scent decide. And sometimes I let the process decide. As an example: Yesterday was a big soaping day and I made four different kinds of soap. Two of my varieties… Continue reading Color schemes

Soapy Experiments

I love the experimental process of soap making. For me it’s a combination of applied soap science, perfumery, and art, with a little bit of breath holding when I try a new technique. There is always the chance that I will get one part wrong and ruin a batch of soap…it has definitely happened before!… Continue reading Soapy Experiments

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