About Me

I always drag my feet and give a mental (or audible) groan at this part…where I’m supposed to put my self out there and tell the world “who I am”. To be perfectly honest, I have a hard time knowing how to tell you that. I could tell you so many different things about me, same as you could tell me about you, and it still wouldn’t be a whole picture. It would just be a small piece of a much larger puzzle that makes up each of our lives.

That being said, I’m pretty sure you just want to know a little bit about who is making this soap you are looking to buy…😄
Well, that would be me.
 I was born to missionary parents in July of 1979….
Ok, ok! Sorry! I’m not going back that far.

 My name is Jessica.  Wife to that handsome guy next me in the above pic. ( His name is Ed.) All those polite looking people standing next to us are actually paid actors…
 Kidding! I couldn’t resist. No, those guys all belong to us. As in, they are our children. Yes, by birth. And, yes, they are all very close together in age. The oldest is 20 and the youngest is 8.
 You now know that I’m a wife and a mom. Of many!  And I love those roles.
  Long before I ever came to be those things, though, I became something much more important. I became a child of the King. By grace, through faith in Christ Jesus. And it is the single most important and most defining thing about me. Because it affects not only the here and now, and how I live this life, but all of eternity as well.

Now, in the day to day, soap maker is just one of many hats that I wear, but definitely one of my most fun. ( Well, the making soap part is anyway. )
I help my husband work our homestead and homeschool our kids ( the ones who haven’t graduated yet) in spare moments. The other part of the time I’m acting as a life coach, design consultant, and CEO of something or other.
  And all of that is probably wayyyy more than you ever wanted to know about me. To read about how I got started in the soap biz, you can check out  my blog here.
 And in case the math was vague, I’m 41.

Now you know. 😊

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