Jessi Bee’s Artisan Soap

-Simple – Natural – Beautiful – Needed-


As a natural soap artisan, I love the chemistry of combining basic elements, created by God, to produce a beautiful necessity… natural soap. Every batch is lovingly made with gentle, natural ingredients designed to nourish and moisturize while it cleanses.

My motto is: Keep it Simple; Keep it Natural; Make it Beautiful; and Make something Needed.

All my recipes are 100% my own from concept to formulation.

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Jessi Bee’s is excited to announce a new product: Natural Deodorant!

Inspiration Is Everywhere

From earth to sky, flowers to grasses, shadows to light… our Creator God has blessed our world with so much beauty and so many natural resources. Beauty to fill our senses and fuel our imaginations. Resources to create with as well. I believe a tiny bit of this beauty can be reflected in the scents and colors of natural artisan soap. My hope is to share beauty and inspiration with you in each and every bar… that every time you shower, it becomes your own beautiful oasis… you leave feeling Refreshed, Uplifted, Inspired… and Thankful for simple and scented blessings.

“Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart”

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